3 apps that will make your phone more secure

When you search Google for the term “security applications”, you get a very comprehensive list of anti-virus and anti-malware applications. Unfortunately, that’s a very narrow view of what is in Google Play itself. There are many applications that can increase your security without being an antivirus. Most of them are fairly easy to use and don’t take up much of the device’s features. Here are some apps that help keep your system protected.

  1. Bouncer
    Bouncer is one of the newest security apps. Its main task is to manage your permissions. Bouncer is a Permissions Manager. You can, for example, activate GPS on Facebook only for a specific time, not all of the time. At the specified time, the permission will be removed automatically. This way, you can use the apps more freely, without worrying about entering settings at all times you don’t want your site to be seen. Its price is $ 3.59, but it’s worth it. In addition to avoiding eavesdropping, Bouncer can also specify any other permissions, such as which app can access the camera, and so on.

2.Google Find My Device
The Google device found was used as the “Android Device Manager”. The name has changed, but the app still does the same thing, tracking the location of your smartphone. Play a ringtone in the phone to facilitate locating it in your home. You can also reset your device, display a message, and lock your phone remotely. We highlight the data reset tool. This keeps the device safe even if it cannot recover photos and videos (so it’s always better to use Google Photos). This is completely free, without ads or in-app purchases.

  1. GlassWire: Monitor data usage
    GlassWire is one of the newest security apps. It allows you to see which apps are consuming your data. You can get a real-time graph that shows how much data your apps are consuming. Additionally, you will receive alerts to notify you when any app is consuming data excessively. This is a great way to control your apps. More than that, you can see any strange activity that might take place in the background. Its primary use is to ensure that you do not reach the limit on your connection data consumption.

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