How to save internet connection data on your phone with Facebook’s Data Saver feature

It is a known fact that the Facebook application consumes a lot of internet connection data, so in the event that you are used to checking the Facebook application several times a day, it is quite clear that you will consume a lot of your data and the situation becomes worse when you are on a limited data plan, as Facebook consumes Only the bulk of your data.

But now with Facebook’s new “Data Saver” feature, you can save and save internet connection data.

How to turn on Facebook’s Data Saver feature

1- Open the Facebook app and log into your account. Now tap on the menu in the upper right corner of the app as in the image below.

2- Scroll to Help and Settings and click on the Data Saver option as in the image below

3- Press the toggle button to enable data stop on the ON button as in the image below

4- Once you enable the Data Saver feature to ON mode, you will find another button named, Always turn off Data Saver on Wi-Fi. Connected to Wi-Fi however if you find the Data Saver option ON and want to use this option even on Wi-Fi, turn this option off by clicking the toggle next to it.

5- Now when you return to the main screen, you will see an orange bar at the top of the screen indicating that the Data Saver feature has been enabled to ON. If you want to turn off the “Data Saver” feature at any time, first press the “Settings” option and then click ” The toggle button next to the “Data Saver” feature as in the image below.

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