Learn about the Quiet Mode offered by Facebook to users of its applications

It is inconvenient to be in a comfortable state and suddenly a notification pops up for you from a social media application, but the most annoying thing is that without your will you will find a tendency under you to get up from your resting place to check the notice to be shocked during it that it is only a notification that has no purpose being one of the pages you visited Here, and for sure, you will think financially about the most appropriate solution that enables you to control an application to become an application that respects the times you want to have some rest … and this gesture is the one that Facebook has melted down to develop and in the next few weeks it will become available to phone users .

We will not spare you while in this post, we will share with you a technical idea developed by Facebook that enables you to control the mute of notifications received on the application automatically, and it will not be required from you until you program the technology to always work automatically.

If you want to clarify more about what the quiet situation mutes, here Facebook has developed this mode to mute most of Facebook notifications, but specifically not all of them, as it was stated in a Facebook post that the company did not program the situation to mute all notifications and that with a legal framework that made it allow it For certain notices appearing and it is related to security notices and the like … As for the rest of the notices such as “imports and similar notifications from messages and interactions related to friends” here the situation will not display them and allow them to disturb you until the specified period in which the situation ends active.

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