Microsoft now allows your phone applications to run on the computer screen

Due to the fact that a large number of computer users have Android phones, and most of the applications and games of this system are not supported in the Windows 10 operating system, which may seem necessary for some, you find some resort to the phone emulator programs and other available applications to run the applications. Windows is like the famous BlueStacks emulation program, in addition to that, these emulators may seem complicated and difficult to use, in addition to that they consume a large amount of our device’s resources, so you may look for a solution to the problem, and the solution is that Microsoft offers you via your phone feature by default on Desktop devices, the function of which is that the user can connect his phone wirelessly to a computer running Windows 10 system to transfer files, make calls and send messages on his personal computer, in addition to running your phone applications on it such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, on the side of these two applications. The applications, they work exactly as they do on your mobile phone, and they open in a separate window outside the Your Phone application, the new from Microsoft that the company has finally started rolling out an update. Death is great for Your Phone program on Windows 10, and it is a feature that allows your set of Android applications to run at the same time on a computer using a supported Samsung device, which means that any user can now open more than one application and work on it without touching their smartphones, The new function also allows you to specify options that enable you to minimize and enlarge the opening window of applications as well as change its size just like any other application window, at the present time the feature is available exclusively to Windows Insiders in Dev, Beta and Release channels, and it is likely that it will support everyone soon.

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