Surf the Internet as if you were in America without a proxy

Sometimes you need to use either proxy or “VPN” programs to access banned sites in your country, but most of these services are paid and free of charge may have some imbalances that make the experience of using them uncomfortable as you think. But today I offer you a very wonderful site where You can surf the Internet as if you are in America, very quickly.

The site is called rabb it and it is a chat platform that allows you to create your own chat room and invite anyone to it, and the beautiful thing about this site is that it allows you to browse any website on the Internet at a speed of up to 900 MB per second.

You can use this site either to watch movies in very high quality, as well as YouTube clips and other sites, and you can browse any site as if you are in the United States, thus you dispense with the use of “VPN” or other similar services.

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