Learn about the best countries in the world in terms of healthcare systems for 2019

The Global Retirement Index released its ranking of the healthcare category, which tracks the best countries that provide healthcare systems around the world, with the aim of helping travelers determine the best places where they can get quality healthcare at affordable prices.

The index, in its annual classification of the 25 countries included in the classification, is based on assessing the cost and quality of health care, the extent of access to it, health insurance, and the cost of medicines in the communities to which it is recommended to travel.

1- Malaysia: Malaysia scored 95% in the healthcare category, ranking first in this category in the global retirement index.

Malaysia has a modern and developed infrastructure, and contains 13 hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International for Health Service Quality (JCI), and almost all doctors speak English fluently, as most Malaysian doctors received training in the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia, which facilitates communication between Doctors and patients.

In Malaysia, it is not required to book an appointment to see a specialist doctor, nor does it require a transfer from a general practitioner to a specialist. The matter is simple and only requires registering in the hospital and waiting in a queue in order to see the specialist.

Besides, medicines are available in Malaysia at reasonable prices, and the pharmacists there are well trained and friendly.

2- France: France came in second place with 93% points in the health care category. It is characterized by low cost of health insurance and excellent health care. The average life expectancy for women is 85.7 years and for men 80.1 years, according to the latest data of the World Health Organization published in 2018. This makes France 55th in the world in terms of life expectancy, while the United States comes in at 34th.

Medicines are available in France at reasonable prices, and health care and medicines are provided free of charge to patients with long-term illnesses such as cancer or multiple sclerosis.

3- Thailand: With a score of 92%, Thailand is a leading country in medical tourism in Southeast Asia. It contains hospitals that operate according to international standards and provide high-quality treatment services, as well as staffed by well-trained and English-speaking doctors. Sometimes visiting a specialist doctor without booking an appointment in advance.

Thailand offers affordable health care, and although there is no public health insurance for expatriates, there are many options available to obtain private insurance from national and international companies.

4- Ecuador: Ecuador is distinguished by providing high-quality health care at low cost to expatriates, as it obtained 89% in the health care category, and came in fourth place.

In February 2016, the state passed a law stipulating that all new residents enjoy health care coverage. Expats can register for the state health care program, which covers all medical, dental and eye care expenses, including medicines, check-ups, and rehabilitation.

Large cities have hospitals equipped with the latest equipment, and there are doctors in all departments and fields, in addition to the availability of private clinics, and small cities also have modern hospitals and private clinics, and doctors can go to the homes of patients who cannot go to the clinic.

5- Costa Rica (tied with Mexico): Costa Rica has one of the best health care systems in Latin America. Equipping them with modern hospitals and new equipment and providing training for staff.

Many doctors in Costa Rica, especially in private clinics, speak English, and many of them have received training in Europe, Canada or the United States of America.

Mexico: Mexico is a favorite place for expats who are looking for a country close to the United States and Canada, as Mexico offers excellent medical care at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Most doctors and dentists in Mexico have had at least part of their training in the USA, and many continue to go to the US or Europe to continue their training.

Every medium or large city in Mexico has at least one first-class hospital, which provides affordable health care, and affordable medicines and health insurance are also available.

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