Types of insurance

Types of coverage


The government law of the Cooperative Insurance Companies Control System withinside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia defines coverage as “the switch of hazard burdens from the insured to the coverage companies,” and coverage ambitions to “go back the insured to his economic role right now previous the loss.” The contemplator of the coverage marketplace will locate that there are extraordinary sorts of coverage, all of which intention to cowl and compensate in opposition to ability dangers. Any hazard that may be measured, can frequently be insured. Therefore, coverage varies with the kind of ability dangers. In phrases of insurance, coverage has been divided into three primary types: (1) widespread coverage, (2) fitness coverage, and (three) safety and financial savings coverage.


Various sorts of coverage have emerged from those sorts of coverage, which includes:


– Personal Accident Insurance: This sort of coverage covers the dangers of private injuries and gives repayment withinside the occasion of a man or woman’s loss of life or incapacity because of his harm in an twist of fate taking place everywhere withinside the world.

– Occupational harm coverage: covers the charges of the dangers of labor accidents to personnel and workers, which covers scientific, criminal and compensatory expenses.

Product legal responsibility coverage: covers the dangers associated with criminal legal responsibility because of harm to people or belongings that arise because of the goods supplied with the aid of using the insured.

– Movable cash coverage: it’s miles coverage that covers the dangers of cash robbery or loss whilst transporting it from extraordinary places, including moving it among financial institution branches or among companies, banks and others.

– Vehicle coverage: It is one of the maximum famous sorts of coverage, which covers damages to motors that get up from visitors injuries, fires, thefts, and others.

– Professional legal responsibility coverage: It is insurance in opposition to breach of the obligation of the career including negligence, error, omission or negligence. The maximum vital of this sort of coverage is coverage in opposition to mistakes in training scientific professions.

Medical Professions Errors Insurance: It is coverage that covers all mistakes that arise from people running withinside the scientific field, including doctors, nurses, and others.

– Theft and housebreaking coverage: coverage that covers the charges of dangers associated with robbery and that covers the cost of belongings and losses associated with the usage of pressure and violence.

– Property coverage: This sort of coverage covers ability dangers on non-public belongings, which includes factories, companies, items and warehouses, wherein it’s miles insured withinside the occasion of any catastrophe including fire, lightning, or otherwise.

– breach of agree with coverage: covers all economic losses that arise because of breach of agree with with the aid of using the personnel of the insured man or woman, whether or not it is thru crook acts, robbery or embezzlement from the insured man or woman.

– Marine coverage: It covers the dangers of diverse injuries that arise on cruise voyages, which might also additionally consist of dangers associated with items, ships and passengers.

Aviation or air coverage: It covers the dangers of diverse injuries that arise in aviation, which might also additionally consist of dangers associated with passengers, planes, bags and cargo.

– Land shipping coverage: It covers dangers associated with land shipping, which might also additionally cowl items and motors.

– Energy coverage: the risks to which strength centers are exposed, including oil installations, strength suppliers, and the like.

Engineering coverage: It covers engineering dangers, which might also additionally consist of real loss or harm to belongings, device, machinery, machinery, device and tools, 1/3 birthday birthday celebration legal responsibility.

– Health (scientific) coverage: is the coverage that covers the charges of illnesses and widespread injuries and covers the charges of medicines, visits to doctors, surgeries, all scientific and remedy offerings and supplies, and the control of scientific programs.

– Protection coverage: It is for the man or woman to pay a contribution amount, supplied that the organization covers the dangers associated with the results of loss of life and everlasting total, partial or transient incapacity for the character and groups.

– Protection coverage with financial savings: It is safety coverage further to the opportunity of acquiring the proceeds of the cost of the financial savings at a positive time withinside the future.

Travel coverage: It covers diverse dangers which can arise in travel, including lack of bags, lack of cash, flight delays and scientific emergencies.

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