What types of health insurance are there in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the many countries that grant health insurance to the expatriate citizen on its soil and to the tourist as well, but the issue is different if the citizen is Turkish than if a foreign visitor is present for a certain period and then will leave, and health insurance has several different types, each with conditions and laws given to individuals according to their distribution as categories.


Types of health insurance in Turkey:



Social Security Insurance:

It is social and healthy at the same time, meaning that it guarantees the pension salary for those who have reached or reached the retirement age from work, and this salary is good and guarantees him a decent living until his death without resorting to anyone, or if he has served his entire years of work without any decrease. In this case, the pension salary that It falls under the category of social security, and whoever holds this insurance in his hand will have obtained with him all the health services provided to him by the state, whether the health services are provided by government institutions or by the private sector, but if you are chosen as a patient on the private sector, you will pay a small thing Money is the price of a small part of the treatment that will be provided to him, and this insurance needs us to pay him a monthly premium in order for him to stay with us to maintain our health.




It is a unique insurance with all its characteristics and what it provides to its bearer. It is called Bagkur insurance. It is found only in Turkey and is not found in other countries of the world. The state has allocated it for a specific category of people, namely the category of the unemployed or those who were unable to find a suitable opportunity to work, and its system It is conducted in a different way from other types of insurance, where the contributor pays a sum of money on a monthly basis that the state has determined in advance, and the money remains paid to him for a period of no less than fifteen years and perhaps more than that as well, and after the end of this period he receives a lifetime pension. If he is sick, he will get a free medical examination and will only be charged with paying a small part of the treatment costs, the value of which does not exceed twenty percent of the costs of treatment as a whole.


Do all Baggour subscribers pay the same monthly installment?

No, this issue varies from person to person according to each person’s profession. For example, the worker in the field of companies and trade pays a much higher amount than the one who works in the field of agriculture and other professions. The cleaner will not be able to match the doctor in his payment, for each situation has its own, the Baggour Insurance Company has worked on consider it.

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