Best gaming headphones on the market 2022

Best gaming headphones on the market

Virtually all manufacturers put the impact information as “Sennheiser” or “AKG” on both their cheap models and the professional line, which naturally makes us choose the model with the lowest price. After all, if a model is worth 40 euros and another 400 euros, and they have similar characteristics, it is better to take the cheapest one, right? The truth is that some headphones are more affordable to produce than the packaging itself, and rare are the models that escape this rule. But of course, the price will go something, that is precisely why, so we must first look at users and opinions, sales and especially our guide to tell you about them.

Headphone types

  • An earbud or button is the most common and cheapest, usually accompanying smartphones and MP3 players. Much of the sound ends up escaping due to the format of the earpiece, so users commonly turn the volume almost to the limit. Therefore, they are considered the worst model, and you will not see any of them here.
  • Intra-headphones have become quite common recently, including a rod made of silicone inserted into the ear canal, automatically eliminating external noises. On average, they have higher sound fidelity than earbud headphones. Still, many users end up being uncomfortable with prolonged use because they remain in the ear.
  • Supra-earphone: considerably more significant than the previous two models, precisely because they cover the entire ear, they are generally more comfortable, capable of reproducing sound more faithfully. However, they are heavier. These models have a headband to rest on our heads and pavilions approximately the size of our ears. They are frequently used by users of desktop computers or with portable music players.
  • Circumaural: Finally, we have some teams that are a derivation of the previous ones. In this case, they are also equipped with a headband. Still, in this case, the pad installed in the auditory pinna completely covers the ears, and this is entirely inside the pinna. Sound professionals and gamers widely use this equipment for reproducing noiseless audio and having excellent acoustic insulation. In addition, most mid-high-end models have more significant drivers with good surround sound capabilities. Without a doubt, they are what we should pay the most attention to.

Best cheap gaming headphones

Logitech G432 Gaming Surround

  • 50 mm Audio Driver: prova an immersive gioco’s experience and co-developing più cinematics with questa cuffia gaming grazie all’audio dettagliato prodotto dai grandi driver 50 mm
  • 6mm Flip-to-Mute Microphone and Volume Control: With the large 6mm boom mic, your gaming buddies will hear you loud and clear.
  • Use a Headphone for all Gaming Platforms: Compatible with PC or Mac via USB DAC or cable with 3.5 mm connector, or video game consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.
  • Comfort for Long Gaming Sessions: Everything in these headphones is comfortable; the lightweight cups and luxurious synthetic leather headband have been created to eliminate pressure on the ears

Giants Gear H60

You already know that Vodafone Giants has launched its product line of gaming peripherals. The truth is that it has excellent features for its price to the point of recommending them.

The presence of a stereo headset with 53mm drivers could not be absent, which provides surprisingly good, clear, and highly detailed sound. Their lightweight and circumaural design with a double bridge headband make them suitable for almost any user.

Corsair HS35

  • Multi-platform compatible: use with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices; for Xbox One, a Microsoft 3.5mm adapter may be required (sold separately)
  • Impressive sound – A pair of 50mm neodymium speaker drivers deliver optimal sound quality with remarkable range and reliable precision
  • Removable Unidirectional Microphone – Fully removable and optimized for good voice quality and reduced ambient noise, so you can be heard loud and clear
  • Long-lasting comfort: memory foam and adjustable ear cushions, along with a lightweight structure, offer the comfort you need to play for hours.
  • Easy-access control: volume control and microphone mute on the ear cup allow you to make adjustments on the fly without interrupting your game.

Razer Kraken X

  • LIGHTWEIGHT COMFORT: Lightweight 250g earbuds for total immersion with 7.1 surrounds sound; relax and play for hours: your gaming marathons will be a walk
  • POSITIONAL, PRECISE, AND CLEAR AUDIO: The headphones are equipped with 7.1 surrounds sound software so you can enjoy precise positional audio while gaming.

Halfway between the Kraken and the Kraken X Lite, we have this headset that we think is an excellent option for the mid-range for a reasonable price speaking of Razer. The design is similar to the rest of the brothers, with a simple and fully padded bridge headband and its large auditory pavilions with thick pads.

In this case, we have 40 mm neodymium drivers, which give us an excellent sound in terms of balance and detail, although not with the forceful bass to which the brand has accustomed us.


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