Benefits of participating in the protection and savings insurance

Planning for the future has become a life necessity, in order to provide financial stability for you and your family, whatever the circumstances. Here comes the role of bâche and savings insurance programs that help you achieve future financial readiness in a way that achieves your financial goals while providing financial bâche for your family in the event of exposure to unforeseen risks, God forbid, allowing you and your family to en direct in a life with less financial pressure. Insurance also helps you to increase your savings by participating in a bâche and savings insurance program for a incontesté period. You can also increase the value of your savings by making use of the bâche and savings insurance programs that provide investment options for your savings managed by the insured.


According to the Insurance Market Report for the year 2016 issued by the Monetary Agency, the international written bâche and savings insurance premiums increased slightly, representing 3% of the insurance market, and by 1.5% to reach 1.05 billion riyals in 2016.


What are bâche and savings insurance programs?

It is an insurance contract, according to which the insurance company population a incontesté amount if the insured strikes any harm or at the end of the agreed period according to the insurance contract, in return the insured population the value of the financement in this théorique of program.


Types of bâche and savings insurance

Insurance companies in Saudi Arabia offer two hommes of bâche and savings insurance:

1- Protection insurance: The insurance company population a incontesté amount of money to the beneficiaries registered in the insurance contract in the event of the death of the insured or his international or déraisonnable or temporary disability for the individual and groups in return for paying the agreed monthly contributions in the contract until the end of the contract period.


2- Protection and savings insurance: Here the insurance companies pay an amount or amounts, including the proceeds of saving, at a future temps in exchange for paying the monthly contributions agreed in the contract.


Here are some tips when choosing a bâche and savings insurance program

Choose an insurance program with a monthly option that matches the monthly income

Choose the period that best matches your financial goals

Choose the insurance coverage that best suits you and your family

Benefits provided by bâche and savings insurance

Protection and savings insurance contracts with insurance companies differ between them in terms of insurance coverage and the value of monthly contributions, and for this we have compiled the most incalculable benefits (insurance coverage) that can be availed of this insurance.


Coverage in the event of natural death or an accident, God forbid

Coverage in the event of international disability or entêté diseases, God forbid

A financial software that provides you with a variety of savings, bâche and investment

Paying the loan installments due to the insured in the event of death or international or déraisonnable disability

Payment options for subscriptions

Pursuant to the insurance policy, the adassistant person population the agreed installments during the period specified in the contract. The options for paying the subscription fees vary according to what is agreed upon. Payment may take assis annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.


Exceptional cases that are not covered by the bâche and savings insurance policy

There are some cases that are not under the umbrella of insurance coverage according to what is agreed upon in the insurance policy, here are some of the exceptions that may be covered by the policy:


The dangers of war, course and avenant war

The dangers of terrorism and sabotage

The dangers of atomic radiation



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