Does the comprehensive vehicle insurance policy cover all risks?

The Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance Policy is an insurance program that obliges the insurance company to compensate the insured for losses and damages to the insured car, in addition to covering the damages caused to the third party or his vehicle (the damaged one) in the event that the insured is the one who caused it, according to the terms and conditions, exceptions and accessories shown in the insurance policy.

It is necessary to be aware of cases in which the comprehensive vehicle insurance policy does not cover the losses and damages caused by the driver of the insured vehicle, and it is usually mentioned in the document under the heading “exceptions” or cases where the insurance company is obligated to compensate others, while retaining the right of recourse to the person who caused the accident to recover the amounts That you paid to others (the aggrieved). Below are the most important cases that the Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy may not cover.


Cases that may not be covered by the vehicle comprehensive insurance policy

Violation of the agreed purposes of use

The insurance policy does not cover the damages resulting from violating the use of the vehicle such as exceeding the number of passengers with the permitted capacity of the vehicle, overloading, excessive stress on the vehicle, or using the vehicle for purposes other than those mentioned in the policy.


The value of damages is within the limits of the carrying amount

The insurance company shall bear the compensation for the damages and covered losses, after deducting the amount of the burden borne by the insured in the event of an accident during the period of validity of the policy. The amount of the bearing amount varies according to the insurance policy and the extent of his willingness to assume part of the risk.


Driving a car on unpaved roads

The vehicle comprehensive insurance policy may not cover damage or losses resulting from driving a vehicle in unpaved roads or over sand dunes (drifting) or exceeding the range of the distance covered outside the road paved for driving under the policy.


Participate in races

The Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance Policy does not oblige the insurance company to compensate the insured for damages resulting from the use of the insured vehicle in any type of racing, in determining the speed of departure, or in the experience of testing the ability, speed or fluctuation.


Bypassing the traffic light or going against the road

The vehicle’s comprehensive insurance coverage does not include damage or losses resulting from an accident of the vehicle due to the driver committing a traffic violation such as bypassing the red light.


Geographical scope

These are areas that are not covered by the insurance policy in the event that the insured vehicle is exposed to an accident, such as areas that are prohibited to the public, such as airports or seaports, or if the vehicle is exposed to an accident while using it outside the boundaries of the covered geographical area as defined in the policy.


The Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy includes information about the size and limits of the insurance coverage and a number of cases of referral to the driver or the insured and the exceptions of the policy, therefore it is necessary to read the insurance policy carefully, to verify the risks covered by the policy, and whether there is a need to participate in some expansions (benefits) Additional fees for an additional fee.

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